Forum international pour la Paix
International forum for Peace

Album: Journée international pour la Paix


Album; Au-delà des frontières – Beyond Borders


20/20 Photographic collection


20/20 is a photographic collection of selected, historical events in both Israel and Palestine.  In scientific terms, 20/20 decrees normal vision, both eyes free of distortion. This title implies a photographic investigation presenting the viewers with unbiased, apolitical, un-encumbered facts depicting 20 of the most pivotal events in the histories…
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(fr) Fête de fin d’année avec l’association Parler en Paix – Dimanche 26 juin à Paris 12ème


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(fr) Ofer Bronchtein sur France 24 ce soir à 20h


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(fr) Ofer Bronchtein et plusieurs personnalités israéliennes à Ramallah en soutien à l’initiative de paix française


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Video : Gazans Struggle to Find Clear Water


AJ+ : According to the United Nations, 90 percent of the water in Gaza is undrinkable, and the population relies heavily on a coastal aquifer that could become unusable in 2016. What will happen to the population in Gaza?  …
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Surfing 4 Peace

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Surfing4Peace initiates and implements unique cooperative projects, events, and campaigns based around surfing and beach culture with an emphasis on coexistence, cross-cultural dialogue, and the shared surfing experience. You can find out about current and past projects here on their Facebook…
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