Forum international pour la Paix
International forum for Peace

Missions / Objectifs


About Us

The International Forum for Peace was co-founded in 2002 by Ofer Bronchtein, an Israeli and former collaborator of Yitzhak Rabin, alongside his associate Anis Al Qaq, former Secretary of State for Development Cooperation of the Palestinian Authority. Many a personage in the sphere of culture and arts, media, politics and the civil society have joined them to work on encouraging rapprochement and reconciliation.

The creation of the Forum represents a joint action to challenge the inevitability of war and violence in human relations. We endorse all concrete measures that shall serve as the foundation for forthcoming and constant collaboration between the Israeli and Palestinian communities while opening a space for dialogue and cooperation in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Missions and Goals

  • Promote peace and foster dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, by advocating all initiatives for reconciliation and development in the Middle East.
  • Support and encourage potential partnerships that aim to promote educational, social, and economic growth across the Middle East.
  • Develop parallel projects in France and Europe between the different communities to cease the unacceptable transposition of the Israeli-Arab conflict onto the national scenery.
  • Consolidate a bridge between the rival parties with increased economic and political relations between Palestinians and Israelis.
  • Promote local initiatives in the Levant destined to strengthen democracy and social justice.

Through its unwavering support of current projects, the International Forum for Peace remains a full partner of the peace process and likewise backs movements for freedom and democracy in the Mediterranean.

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