Forum international pour la Paix
International forum for Peace

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Conference at Sciences Po, Paris, 17th March 2011 : “Middle-East : Has the diplomacy failed?”

Ofer Bronchtein, Nissim Zvili et Soufian Abu Zeida

Bernard Kouchner, Daniel Cohn Bendit, Ofer Bronchtein, Nissim Zvili et Soufian Abu Zeida

Anne-Sophie Sebban (Sciences Po’s student)

Anne-Sophie Sebban, Lucas Machet, Eva Dousset, Alexis Danan (Sciences Po’ Students), Camille Lorette (Forum International pour la Paix

for’UM, Marseille 2010



Marseille, 2010


Thierry Lachkar (International Forum for Peace), Mr. Baracat and Mr. Swissa (Representatives of Jenin & Gilboa at the for’UM) and Samuel Goldstein (International Forum for Peace)




Ofer Bronchtein and Amir Peretz in Egypt

Yehuda Lancry, Itzhak Rabin and Ofer Bronchtein

A delegation of american rabbis and M. Nasser Youssef, former palestinian minister of Interior

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority

Nabil Shaa, former palestinian minister of international cooperation

Aba Even, former israeli minister of Foreign, Yasser Arafat and Ofer Bronchtein

Rabbi Itzhak Bardea, Marwan Buasher, former jordanian minister of Foreign affairs and Ofer Bronchtein

Ofer Bronchtein, Marwan Muasher et Eli Dayan, former israeli minister of Foreign affairs

Mar Ott and Ofer Bronchtein