Forum international pour la Paix
International forum for Peace

Stages de formation de cadres palestiniens

In light of the favourable outcomes of the training session held from june to july 2010 and the Palestinian appeal for the continuation of such a program, the Forum will organize additional sessionsin 2011 for the Palestinian delegations. The purpose in the long-term is to inculcate the Palestinians executives with the necessary tools in administrative management and political communications. These seminars will be convening six times per year and get together eight to twelve Palestinians for a five-day session in France and Spain with experts in institutional and political communication as well as journalists and societies specialized in communications.

This program remains set in a specific regional context wherein political communications will be instrumental not only to build the national Palestinian unity and prepare the elections in 2011 but also to advocate the creation of a Palestinian state under the rule of law and back the democracy movement sweeping the Arab world.