Automatic english translation :
Following the aggression suffered by Ofer Bronchtein, the President of the International Forum for Peace, by members of the Jewish Defense League, an open letter was sent to CRIF order that it be published under the heading Tribune Free its newsletter.
Faced with their refusal to publish it, but given the silence of the organizers of the evening “The first congress Friends of Israel” and their supporters, we decided to make it public.

Indignant us!

Diane Binder, former Delegate General of the France-Israel Foundation
Cecile Sportis, former Director of the Circle Paris-Jerusalem (ELNET)

April 3 was held at the Mutuality “1st Congress of Friends of Israel” to recall the time of an evening, the commitment of the French political class “for the legitimacy and security of Israel, against hatred and terrorism, for the France-Israel relationship. “

“Friends of Israel called” politicians, beyond their political or religious, to speak “on behalf of the republican ideal, for Democracy, Justice, Freedom and Peace.”

And yet, far from these principles, the evening was the scene of a heinous assault, the expression of intolerance over the primary and most vicious of all. A group of extremist Jewish Defense League, was physically and verbally abused Ofer Bronchtein, blocking her violently entering the room, under pretense of being an enemy of Israel. He, a Jew, born Israeli and French, a former colleague of Yitzhak Rabin, who has committed his entire life for Israel to live in peace with its neighbors!

Who are the friends of Israel? Those who, on behalf of partisan positions extremists use force, intimidation and racial slurs, or those who believe in dialogue and sharing, those who devote their lives to defend a just, lasting, in respect of each and safety of all?

So yes, indignant us of extremism and intolerance are unacceptable in a chamber is allegedly défendul’idéal Republican.

So yes, indignant us the awkward silence of some community leaders face the verbal force and attempted physical force of a small activist minority, while the response to provocation and bigotry should be unequivocal.

So yes, indignant us the image offered by some of France’s Jewish community, conservative, cautious, and intolerant.

So yes, we indignant amalgams are made and too easily overlooked, such as those heard in Mutuality is one Hamas militant, when you want a peace with the Palestinians?

Do not expect an irremediable act is committed to respond and denounce the Jewish extremists, even though the French police have recently arrested and then released, alleged members of a small group Salafist suspected of criminal groups. Remember that the Jewish Defense League is a banned organization in the United States and Israel.

The events of Mutuality result of questions about the part that is related to the violent ideology and a fringe of the community, and that which is of a more structural societal trend: communitarisation and the increasing radicalization ofa portion of the Jews of France, which reflects the growing rightward Israeli government.

These events have also stressed the urgent need to hear another voice, within the French Jewish community organized, than the blind complacency against the excesses of right-wing ultrareligieuses and some of its elements: many Jews of France not recognize themselves in today.

Reject all forms of community withdrawal; rekindle in our moral Republican values ​​of humanism, tolerance and respect, reaffirm the primacy of the Republic, everywhere and for all.